Curious case of Windows Phone


I like Microsoft. I like their products. I am comfy and feel homely while using their stuff. Call me Microsoft fan boy, but I like Windows Phone as well. That’s why — when I was planning to buy new phone — I wanted to go for new shiny flagship Windows Phone on the block. After some research and reading reviews I zeroed down on Nokia Lumia 930.

As any other guy interested in buying a smart phone I went to Best Buy as I was hoping to touch and feel the device. While Best Buy had too many people jumping on new iPhone 6 [on a side note- if you have so many people jumping on your phone, your device is going to bend for sure ;)] , Microsoft’s section was relatively empty. When I asked the attendant about Nokia Lumia 930,

He said “You mean 920?”

I said “No, I mean 930 only and I am looking forward to buy the same”

He said “Well, there is nothing called Nokia Lumia 930”. I google-binged on my phone and showed him.

He felt convinced and said “Oh, you mean Nokia Icon?”

I replied “No, I mean 930. I want to buy it unlocked and I am not interested in buying the Verizon version.”

Blue shirt replied “We do not have one!”

Duh! So the new shiny flagship Nokia Lumia 930 was not available in the Best Buy store. Please note that this store I am talking about is in Redmond/Bellevue where Microsoft is head quartered! It’s like I am ready to spend money and the opportunity has been denied.

Me being good citizen — walked out of Best Buy and went to Microsoft Store in Bellevue. In Microsoft store also the unlocked Lumia 930 was not on shelves and folks there didn’t know the estimated arrival date.

I was saddened. I was taken aback. How can you announce a device and not be available on shelves for people to walk-in and buy?


After thinking for few days I think I might know the reason. I might be wrong, but do not correct me. The reason could be exclusivity. Verizon got exclusivity rights (at least in early days of 930 and may be only in US) and they packaged it as Nokia Icon. And they are denying 930 to appear in unlocked version, so that other people cannot buy it. That’s evil. Pure evil.

I still love Windows Phone and would still would wait for 930 to come in unlocked format. But maybe this is one of the reasons why Windows Phone is not working as it should be. Software is great. Hardware is great. Ecosystem is nice and improving as we speak. But what about marketing it? What about taking an extra effort to make sure devices are ready to be picked by customers from various stores? What about retail? May be that’s not Microsoft’s forte and they are losing the race in last round. May be.