I would like to describe myself as a software engineer and technical architect who likes to solve problems using technology. I have been responsible for designing, developing, testing, deploying and monitoring highly scalable distributed applications and services.

While I have always been working using Microsoft technologies stack, I got chance (Dream Come True moment) to work for Microsoft as a full-time employee. My focus as part of this role was to work as a Dev Ops/Site Reliability Engineer. The main requirement of this role was to keep-lights-on in all data centres for Windows Developer Center. While the Service Engineering aspect was the main thing, I used my technical architect and software engineering background to develop tools for inside-out and outside-in monitoring and telemetry.

As a technical architect, I have worked in Accenture for about 7+ years. My role demands to –

  • demonstrate the technical leadership,
  • design technical aspects,
  • propose standard design and architectural patterns and practices,
  • incorporate new requirements and feedback and
  • execute multiple quick (and sometimes dirty) prototypes.
  • As part of this role – I architected Microsoft IT’s (MSIT) biggest Platform As A Service (PaaS) solution back in the days.

I have executed multiple clients facing projects. I have experience in designing and architecting systems for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR strategies). I have designed and architected solutions for “Testing in production” (Otherwise known as TIP). I have experience in designing and architecting for extremely high scale (~ 30 million requests/day). I have designed and implemented auto-healing, smooth traffic routing and eventual consistency in multiple projects.

I am in the Information Technology industry since 2001 working for various software organizations in India for 4 years till I joined Accenture in 2006. I earned my Electronics Engineering degree in the year 2000, Diploma in Advanced Computing degree in the year 2001 and completed Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and Enterprise Architect certification (MCPDEA) in the year 2007. I am also Microsoft Azure Certified Developer and Architect.

I have worked and published an asset called Framework for Ops Team considering Windows Azure and it was very well received by the clients and appreciated by the managers.


 *Technical Architecture, Microsoft Azure Platform, Microsoft .NET Platform, C#, ASP.NET*

  •  Designing/Architecting/Building/Testing/Deploying apps/APIs using Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure Storage, REST/WCF, AppFabric Cache, Service Bus, Topic and Subscription, Access Control Services from last 7 years.
  • Azure Application Architecture: Web Role, Worker Role, VM Role, admin mode, start-up tasks integrating with on-premise services using App Fabric Service Bus
  • Azure Security Architecture: Web Role security using SSL, WCF Security using certificates, Data Encryption using certificates, Authentication using ADFS/STS, Single sign-on using ACS. Participated in ACE reviews, and provisioned related documentation/code
  • Azure Operations Architecture: Logging and monitoring using Windows Azure Diagnostics, integration with AVICode, SCOM, disaster recovering and business continuity planning and implementation, automated builds and deployments.
  • Azure Data Architecture: Understands SQL Azure, Windows Azure Storage (Tables, Blobs, Queues), Document DB, SQL Azure Data Sync, SQL Azure Federation etc.
  • Deployment Architecture: Continuous integration and deployment. Auto Build, Deployment using Service Management APIs and PowerShell cmdlets
  • Akamai – design and implement traffic management, caching using Akamai
  • Azure traffic manager, CDNs, Azure Data Factory, Auto Scaling
  • Deployment automation and synthetic monitoring using application insights
  • Developing end to end APIs and applications using NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Web API
  • Performance Testing: Performance, scalability testing using Visual Studio
  • Automated Testing: Automated Unit Testing, Web Testing, Coded Unit Tests, Performance Testing etc. Tools – SpecFlow, Jmeter, Junit, NUnit, MoQ, Fluent Assertions, VSTS, GIT
  • Big Data: Architected and developed a big solution using Windows Azure HD Insight, Hive queries



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